Cordwood tables for sale throughout the year.  Made from cherry, apple, peach, pear, and old growth fir wood from the farm.  This side table is $450. I have coffee and long tall display tables too.  Please call 541-490-8212 for inquiries.

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U Pick peaches

u-pick organic Red Haven peaches season starts late July

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We will open for the season for u-pick organic cherries and blueberries mid to late June.  I should know 5 days before opening what the exact date will be.

U-Pick tomatoes

U-Pick organic heirloom Tomatoes starting early July

Pick organic cherries

Organic u-pick Rainer, Bing, Lambert, and sour cherries

               10 varieties of organic u-pick blueberries
U Pick flowers

U-Pick flowers

We are on the Fruit Loop at 1519 Country Club Road in Hood River, OR  97031