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organic cherries

Currently we have organic u-pick Bing & Lambert cherries $3.50 lb. & Rainier & Queen Anne Cherries ($4. lb)

organic blueberries

We have LOTS of ripe beautiful blueberries! ($4 lb)

organic heirloom tomatoes

U-Pick heirloom 
tomatoes ($3.50 lb.) soon 

Spend a couple hours on our

beautiful Hood River farm

picking organic fruit. Currently we have U-Pick blueberries in our one acre blueberry patch.

"We love Hilda's U-Pick!  More than a great source of a wide array of organic produce (all of which is much tastier than what we buy at the grocery store)--the experience is old country--to the earthy tune of chickens clucking to walking under Hilda's sprawling oaks, around the duck pond, and over to the old barn to weigh our pickings.  The apple, peach, and cherry orchard, acre of blueberries, and vegetable gardens are in full view of Mount Hood.  Her prices are lower and better quality than the market.  Add in the ambiance and we get a darn good deal!"

S. Anders


organic peaches

U-Pick peach season is in early August

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